How to earn $WNK

In order to reward the most loyal members of our community, we created two different programs that will allow you to earn $WNK every month: The Winky Space Program & The Winkyverse Staking Program


It will also be possible for everyone to earn $WNK but also other cryptos and NFT by accomplishing specific tasks that contribute to growing our community.

🚀 The Winky Space Program

How to participate in The Winky’s Space Program

Members of The Winky Space Program volunteer to help The Winkies skyrocket and go to the moon.  In order to join the program and receive rewards, one needs to hold at least one Winkybot NFT. It’s still time to get yours here:

Besides, if you have not done it yet, you will also need to sign up on our dashboard and add your metamask address:

How to earn $WNK with The Winky’s Space Program 

Members of The Winky Space Program will be able to earn $WNK every month in two different ways:


Invite people to join the Winkyverse and to sign up on the dashboard

For each person who signs up on the dashboard with your affiliation link and buy $WNK, you will receive a bonus in $WNK.

Example : In March, you successfully invited 10 people to join the program. Rewards for the month are set at 1,000 $WNK/ Sign up. You will receive 10x 1,000 $WNK = 10,000 $WNK.


Hold $WNK in your wallet

Once a month, we will airdrop $WNK tokens to $WNK holders. Each participant of The Winky Space Program will receive an airdrop of 1% of all the $WNK they hold in their wallet.

Example: If you hold 1,200,000 $WNK on the airdrop date, You will receive 1% of 1,200,000 $WNK = 12,000 $WNK. We don’t want people to load up with $WNK just before the airdrop and then dump it right after so the airdrops dates will be random and kept secret. Instead of being at the end of each month it could for example happen on March 25 and  April 14 and May 7.

💡 The Winkyverse Staking Program

The Winkyverse Staking Program allows participants to passively earn extra $WNK by staking the $WNK they currently hold. It only requires participants to stake and lock-up their $WNK for 6 ,9 or 12 months.

The first Winkyverse Staking Program will open on February 15th and will be one of the most generous staking programs available on the market. Nevertheless, the number of participants will be limited so make sure to be among the first to stake your $WNK as soon as the program opens. You can check the conditions of the three first staking pools below:

Staking Pool 16-Month60%~5%
Staking Pool 29-Month72%~6%
Staking Pool 312-Month84%~7%

The first staking program will be the most generous of all but we will regularly open new staking pools in order to allow more people to participate. The next staking program, starting on March 15th, will offer the following APR and Lock-up:

Staking Pool 16-Month24%~2%
Staking Pool 29-Month36%~3%
Staking Pool 312-Month48%~4%

As soon as it goes LIVE, the link to our staking program will be shared on our Twitter, Telegram and Discord. Stay Tuned to make sure you don’t miss it!

🕹️ Winky Special Missions

Accomplish Special Missions to help grow our community

Example of special missions: Get 500 $WNK to retweet our last tweet or Get 1,200 $WNK to add $WNK to your Watchlist on Coinmarketcap.

Special Missions will allow members of our community to earn $WNK but also other cryptos and NFTs.

They will be offered on a weekly basis to the members of our community and will be announced either on our social networks or by e-mail.

Therefore, make sure to follow us everywhere and to sign up to our Mailing list to make sure you don’t miss any!

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